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Elevate your potential and indulge in the pinnacle of productivity with THE ENERGY CANDLE. As hailed by NY Magazine, this avant-garde candle is enriched with a symphony of essential oils, that delicately infuse the atmosphere with a subtle yet revitalizing aroma.

Experience a transformation of both your space and mind with this superior candle, artfully crafted to foster heightened focus, clarity, and concentration. The ENERGY CANDLE's blend of pineapple, sweet orange, and sandalwood notes tantalizes the senses, imbuing the soul with the drive to conquer any challenge.


Meticulously forged from premium soy wax, this 8 oz. hand-poured luxury candle offers an immaculate burn, extending over 45 hours to create an atmosphere of elegance and excellence. Whether striving for academic achievement, meeting critical deadlines, or yearning for a mental surge, THE ENERGY CANDLE restores equilibrium and uplifts your frequency to one of productivity and success.


Release the full extent of your potential today. Ignite THE ENERGY CANDLE and uncover the capacity for focused, invigorating energy within yourself. Order now to experience an unmatched level of sophistication and grandeur.

Energy Candle Notes: Pineapple, Sweet Orange & Sandalwood


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