Your Path to Joy!

Your Path to Joy!


What’s your path to joy?

As messy and complex as life can get, keep making time for joy —  it’s an essential part of life.

Learn how to create more joy in your life with these tips! 


What’s your path to joy?

Life is complex, and when it’s coming at you hard, joy doesn’t always come naturally. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to cultivate it. If you’ve been forging ahead with work and family and all the things, spend a little time exploring how to create joy in your life. 


Tap into what you love.

First, think about what inspires you and what makes you feel good. 

  • What inspires and excites you?
  • Do you love to travel to distant lands and learn about other people and cultures? 
  • Do you love weekend road trips?
  • Do you love to try new things?  
  • Do you love to read books and discuss them with others?
  • Do you love getting together with people?
  • Do you love spending time alone?
  • What have you been wanting to do or try?
  • Where have you been wanting to go?
  • What do you love to do?
  • What would you love to do?

Sit with yourself and contemplate these questions, journal on them, do a brain dump and see what comes up for you.


Have some fun with it!

Start cultivating your joy by playing with the ideas that arise. 

Create a list or make a vision board of the things you want to try or do or the places you want to go. You can make a list in your journal or by using the notes app on your phone. You can create a Pinterest board filled with your ideas or you can make a tea and vision board party for one…or invite family or friends to make joy boards of their own! And of course, we have a wonderful selection of teas for this occasion

Do whatever feels fun and stirs that feeling of joy in your soul.


Make a plan.

Look at your list or board and start making plans. Intentionally create time within your daily schedule to do the smaller things on your joy list (or board) like a spa night at home with luxurious products like the Smooth Operator and the Cococure. For things that require travel or a longer time period, make a more detailed plan and stick to it.


Live the joy!

When you’ve taken the time to identify what brings you joy and you’ve made the lists and the boards and the plans…don’t stop there! Follow through so you can experience the joy in all its wonder. Be present in those moments and let the energy of that joy lift you and light you up as you move forward on your path.

As messy and complex as life can get, keep making time for joy —  it’s an essential part of life. Use more joyful words, tap into more playful energy, try new things and connect with new people. Keep opening your world to the joy you can find when you take a break from the everyday and step out of the familiar. 

Experiencing more joy puts a bounce in your step and creates a happier and healthier you!

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