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Simple Ways to Care for Yourself

In these times, when things are uncertain and stress and anxiety are bubbling within, the little things you do to take care of yourself can make a big difference in how you feel throughout the day.

Here are some simple ways to work self-care into your daily routine and lifestyle. To find the habits that work best for you, try some of these and begin to cultivate your zen.

Breathe. In the morning, when you wake up or as soon as you can, take a few minutes to just breathe. Listen to the birds chirping outside or the summer rain against your windows. Pay attention to your breathing as you fill your lungs with air and then exhale. Feel how it relaxes you. Feel how it fills you with energy. 

Meditate. Meditation slows everything down. It gives us time to turn inward and align with the loving energy that is always deep within. The more you connect with that energy, the better you will feel. 

Move your body. Exercise may not be your favorite thing, but there are all kinds of ways to move your body so that it feels good. We all do different things that make our bodies feel good. Whether you like long walks or yoga, 5-mile runs or hard-core boot camp, move your body every day. It gets your heart pumping, energy flowing, and releases those endorphins, which are your body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals.

Follow the delight of your senses. When you tune into your senses, you can better connect with yourself and appreciate the profound role that sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch play in your everyday life. Try focusing on one sense each day. Look at beautiful things like flowing rivers, leafy trees, and art or photographs of great memories. Listen to your favorite songs, relaxing meditations, sounds from nature, and children giggling. Eat your favorite meals, try new recipes, drink champagne and savor the taste of familiar and new flavors. Hug your family members, give yourself a massage or let your partner give you one and enjoy the loving sensation of touch. Smell fresh flowers, take a luxurious bath with wonderful aromas or try one of our candles or custom fragrances

Practice appreciation. We all have our fears and stressors, especially during these unusual times. Whether you feel isolated, scared or anxious, the practice of appreciation is a powerful way to slow down the momentum behind fearful feelings and choose something that feels better. Choose to appreciate what is going well right now. Whether you write it down in a journal or speak it aloud, start with one thing to be thankful for and then see how many you can think of. Don’t force it, just let it come naturally. 

“Gratitude, like anything, is a practice, and neuroscience shows us that if we make efforts to cultivate appreciation, we’ll find more to be grateful for, even during times of loss and grief,” says Tamara Levitt, head of mindfulness at the meditation app, Calm. 


Get enough sleep. We don’t all need the same amount of sleep, but whether you need five hours or eight hours to feel rested and energized for the day, you should do your best to get the Zzz’s you need. Develop a sleep routine if you can—go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. If you find it hard to relax so you can sleep, try journaling so you can release the worry, anxiety, and fear that may be keeping you awake. You can also try reading a book, listening to soft music, rain sounds or white noise to help you relax. 

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