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Are you Earthing?

Earthing is the practice of walking barefoot in the grass, sand, dirt or on concrete. The ground is a conductive surface where the Earth’s energy flows so when you walk barefoot that energy flows through your body.

Why should you try earthing?

It's a wonderful way to ground yourself to relieve stress and anxiety. And not only that, it's very beneficial to your physical health as well.

Inflammation is the leading trigger of chronic pain and many major health issues. Earthing appears to extinguish or decrease the inflammation by transferring negatively-charged electrons from the surface of the Earth into the body because it neutralizes the positive charge of free radicals that cause chronic inflammation.

Basically, the Earth’s energy makes the ground beneath our bare feet an abundant antioxidant!

Have you tried earthing yet? Do you want to?

Tell us your bare feet tales...
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