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5 Tips to Find and Nurture Your Inner Light

In today’s world, there’s a barrage of news, noise and a seemingly endless string of unimaginable tragedies. It can often feel too dark to change anything, much less to find joy or light.

As difficult as things can be, know that you can always find light within you. And when you nurture your inner light, you create an inner glow that shines through into the world. 

Here are 5 tips to find and nurture your inner light:

*Slow down. You don’t need to pack so much into every day of the week. Give yourself space to move through your thoughts and feelings.

*Rest & reset. Take time out to breathe, sit with yourself and drink your Glow tea to restore that inner light and refill your cup.

*Practice gratitude. Fill your mind, your heart and your journal with everything that’s going well, give thanks for your family, your community, for the good that you’ve been able to do for the world…whatever you can think of…let it fill you up with love.

*Write and speak positive affirmations. Create affirmations that ease you into feeling better within moments. A general one we love to use is “I am love. I am purpose.” or “I can reach for a thought that feels better” and create more positive affirmations that shift your thoughts and feelings into a feeling of light and love.

*Love yourself. Practice self care in any and every way that feels good. Get out of your head and into your body. Take walks and fill up on the warmth and Vitamin D of the sun. Do fun things like dance, roller skate or jump on a trampoline. Revel in luxurious goddess baths while playing Nina Symone.

Whenever you feel down, lost or disconnected, try these practices to help you reignite your inner light.

And when you do, nourish it. Embrace love. Embrace kindness. Embrace joy! 

Nurture yourself. Nurture your joy. Nurture your inner light.

And when you’re ready, shine your light into the world. 

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