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13 Signs that you're not grounded

Are you grounded and balanced?

Here are 13 signs you might not be.

  1. You feel scattered, irritable or lack focus
  2. You're constantly multi-tasking
  3. You space out often or find yourself wondering how you got somewhere
  4. You overthinking things and ruminate on details and possibilities
  5. You experience a perpetual sense of anxiety
  6. You suffer from insomnia
  7. You're forgetful or often lose your train of thought
  8. You feel a bit out of body or clumsy; you often knock things around or have accidents
  9. You feel easily deceived by others
  10. You lack joy or passion for your life
  11. You have difficulty finishing things
  12. You feel less connected to the people you love
  13. You absorb energy, emotions and moods of others as if they're your own

Do any of these resonate with you?

And keep an eye on our page because we'll be sharing grounding techniques, products and wisdom to help you feel more grounded and secure in your every day life! Stay Tuned. 


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