As we move forward through fall, knowing the holidays are just around the corner, we all need a reminder to create or maintain the habit of practicing self care.

We need rituals and routines that help support and carry us throughout the many activities in the months ahead.

With the busy fall season, there is also a sense of majesty as the stately trees release their leaves. These tall statues of nature may bare empty branches, but they still shoot to the sky with an air of regalness. We see that same regal nature in you, dear muse. You are a queen at every age and every step in your journey. And you should take care of yourself like the queen that you are, which means doing things that feel good depending on what you need at the moment.

Sometimes you need an energetic boost for the day ahead and sometimes you need to curl up in a cozy, relaxing space. Or sometimes you just need a little encouragement as you step into a new path on your journey.

So honor the queen inside and make the time and space to give yourself the royal treatment.

Here are 8 ways to treat yourself like a queen! 

  • 1.Take time for yourself everyday.
    We all need this reminder because we tend to forget about ourselves as we reign over the work, schedules and chores in our lives. Take time to breathe, to play, to sit with yourself, to journal, to dance and sing along with your favorite songs.

  • 2. Create a sacred space.
    Choose a corner of a room to create a space that is just for you, a space that will always remind you to give yourself the time you need. Decorate it however you like and fill it with anything that makes your mind, body and soul happy. 

  • 3. Give yourself grace.
    You are probably harder on yourself than anyone else, but you need to give yourself the same grace. You are human like anyone. You only have so much energy and time — you can only do so much! When things don’t go as planned or you don’t fit it all into your schedule, don’t sweat it. Give yourself alllll the grace because you’re doing your best — and you’re probably doing ever better than you realize.

  • 4. Create a personal daily ritual.
    Whether it’s a daily morning tea time or an end of the day home spa session, morning pages or moving your body through a gentle yoga flow…create a ritual that you can practice daily so you are always taking a little time to fill your own cup. 
  • 5. Relax like a queen.
    When you need to rest and recuperate, take a long goddess bath with the scents and petals of cocktail de bain and all the scent-sual luxuriousness you desire. Lay on the chaise lounge for the entire morning eating chocolates and macarons. Spend the evening drinking your favorite wine and reading that whole book because it’s just that good. Rest and relax because you deserve it!
  • 6. Treat yourself to luxurious experiences.
    Queens indulge in luxury on the regular and you should, too! Buy the lavish gift sets for yourself. Book the getaway that has been on your “someday” list. Treat yourself to your own custom fragrance experience so you can feel and smell like the queen you are! 
  • 7. Build a safe support circle.
    Even as a queen, you need people you can rely on to share your feelings or bounce ideas off of as you follow new ideas and embark on new paths in your life. Create your support circle with care and ensure it’s filled with people who you feel safe enough to be vulnerable with.
  • 8. Spice things up!
    One of the best ways to re-energize yourself is to spice up your life by doing something new. Take off from work and take a day trip outside of your hometown. Visit a new bookstore, spa, lounge, restaurant or landmark. Try a new activity like hiking or painting or volunteer your time for an organization in your community. 

Remember — you are a queen and you should treat yourself like one each and every day.Indulge in the self care rituals and life experiences that make you feel like the amazing woman you are!

Give Yourself the Royal Treatment

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