Bask in the Warmth and Energy of the Sun

Bask in the Warmth and Energy of the Sun

As spring shifts into summer, we generally turn towards the light and warmth of the sun for one of two things — relaxation and warmth or a boost of energy. Both are joyful pleasures we can dance back and forth between depending on what we need at the time.

Whether you’re in need of relaxation or a surge of energy, here are some ways you can embrace the brilliant light of warmer days and get just what you need..while also being careful not to spend too much time in the sun to protect your skin and keep the heat from tiring you out.

When you need to rest and relax:

  • Bask in the sun on a beach and soak in Vitamin D for a little while
  • Lay out in your yard with a cool glass of iced Bloom Tea 

(or use it to make your own signature cocktail)

  • Stroll through a water garden or a botanical landscape
  • Float around the pool on a raft or your trendy pink flamingo

And when you need a little energy kick:

  • Get outside for brunch with friends or a shopping spree
  • Take a brisk walk in the sunshine while listening to your favorite tunes
  • Open your blinds and windows during the day while you work or clean house
  • Take a bike ride through a beautiful trail
  • Put on a pair of skates and have fun maneuvering around your favorite park

The sun is always a beautiful reminder to embrace the joys in life…and so is our Joie de Vivre collection, which includes the fresh fragrance notes of white tea and lemongrass with Parfum 1 and the sweet deliciousness of four new teas!

Bask in the warmth and energy of the sun and channel the full essence of Joie de Vivre!

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