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5 Tips to Align Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Hey Soul Sister! Feeling a little off-center?


Here are our 5 tips to align your mind, body and spirit…


  • Sink into deep rest while sipping a warm and cozy cup of Serenity Tea.Relax on a comfy lounge chair for a while or take a nap because you feel like it. Eat a fresh, nourishing meal. Step outside into the sun for some much needed vitamin D. Talk to a close friend or loved one. Make time to get away from the demands of your life and rest in ways that feel good to you.


  • Take a few minutes to take deeper, fuller breaths. This simple practice enables more air to flow into your body and can help reduce stress and anxiety. To make this a truly enjoyable practice, make this part of your post-bath or shower ritual as you nourish your skin with Zen Crystal Infused Body Oil and breathe in its soothing scent. 


  • Drop into meditation and reconnect with your spirit in the glowing light and soft, subtle scent of a Zen Candle. Sink into the moment, let your feelings move through you and realign your spirit. 


  • Spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy delicious meals together, reminisce about beautiful memories, share the good things that are happening now and plan future gatherings and experiences you can look forward to. 


  • And smile! You’re still here…life is still beautiful…and there’s more good you can put into the world. Your smile lights you up from the inside out. 


When you align your mind, body and spirit, you are feeding your soul and embodying the divinity within. You can move forward toward your dreams with more ease and flow.


What does alignment look like for you?

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