our story

L' Artisan Muse by November Nichols is a luxury sensory experience. We offer a carefully curated collection of holistic classes, events, products & services for the mind, body, and soul.  We are a feel good boutique for those with discerning taste.  So whether you sit, sip, or shop with us, every class, product and service we offer is focused on self care and sourced with the idea of helping you to "feel good".  We understand that if you feel good you are more likely to do good and, the artists here at L'Artisan Muse are all about creating lives that we love and putting more good out into the world!

Our maison, and those who inhabit it, help to cultivate peace, beauty, compassion and self love in a calm, tranquil environment.  Our offerings include:  bespoke fragrances, aromatherapy, natural body products, a botanical blending bar, luxury lounge wear, soy candles, hand crafted teas, artisan jewelry and a host of holistic classes and events all to enable you to continue and extend your self love regimen to your home and beyond.

So, come take a class, sit, sip, shop and simply be for a spell.....