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Meet Savanna Jimenez!

Savanna is our Community Director here at L’Artisan Muse! She is a holistic health coach, nutrition & wellness blogger and a young business professional with experience in corporate management, marketing, events and operations. She believes that mindfulness and your ability to tune in with yourself is one of the keys to a successful and happy life.

After going through her own healing journey, Savanna realized the power of food as medicine and the importance of a holistic wellness practices to nurture the mind, body and spirit. Her mission is to spread her passion and knowledge of holistic health, while also showing that it is all a balance. There is no right or wrong journey, and we are always on a path.

Some of Savanna’s passions are meditation, being with her family, drinking champagne, yoga, going outdoors, studying nutrition, cooking and eating. A few places you might find her around Atlanta are L’Artisan Muse, Upbeet, Target or Oku :). If you have any questions about our classes, event, and growing community please contact Savanna at or at 470.639.8504


L’ Artisan Muse by November Nichols is a restorative studio located inside the Westside Provisions District.  It is designed to provide our members (affectionately called our muses) a luxury sensory experience that encourages slow living, being present, and doing the things that make your heart smile. There is always a time to go fast and, as a result, there is a need to go slow so we can refill our buckets.

Our instructors and staff are all about assisting our clients with acknowledging their greatness within and helping to tap into their innermost  desires, goals and dreams. Every product and service we offer is focused on slow living-being kind to yourself and treating yourself better- mind, body, and soul.  

We support you in growing your mindfulness and yoga practice and cultivating compassion and  self love in a calm nurturing relaxing environment. Currently our signature offerings include two classes:

  1. Le' Sit brings together the art and science of various modalities of meditation into one elegant practice which cultivates peace, focus and energy in the body, mind and spirit. Learn to smoothly transition from the constant chatter in the thinking mind into the powers of your higher mind bringing balance and energy to your body and brain.

  2. L' Chemin is our signature flow that fuses together yoga and meditation as they are intended to be practiced. Learn fundamental techniques with an emphasis on alignment, breath awareness, mantra, and meditation techniques. Hands on assistance with essential oils are a part of this class. Become stronger, more flexible and move through your life more peacefully, sweetly and more present.

The best gift you can give yourself is learning to schedule in an hour to detach from the demands of our busy world.   Our daily lives are hijacked with hyper distraction by today’s advanced technology.  Scientific evidence shows with a regular meditation practice, we live our best lives more creatively and productively both individually and in  the workplace.  The quality of our consciousness impacts the quality of our lives.

Thank You for giving us the opportunity to bring the art of slow living, meditation, and yoga mainstream at Westside Provisions District!