As the lazy days of summer begin to fade away, leaves begin to change colors, and a new school year begins, it’s easy to become consumed by our careers, kids, and schedules.  One child has football practice, another has gymnastics, another has tutoring, oh, and let’s not forget date night! Whew - it can be complex trying to figure out how to be in all these places at the same time :-)!  

As parents, there are so many demands placed upon us that we often become overwhelmed, and by the time we meet the needs of others, we’ve completely neglected ourselves.  Scheduling time for self-care, new habits and managing our own wellness often takes a back seat to everything and everyone else.

Since Fall is a season of transformation both personally and environmentally.  It’s the perfect time to press reset, find balance, new perspective and embrace change. It’s also the perfect time to be intentional about incorporating self-care practices into our daily lives so we can continue to perform optimally.

Some wellness tips for Fall include: 

  • Nutrition

    What you put in your body is in fact what you get out of it and with a hectic schedule, you need to be able to perform at 100% more often than not.  Try food prep.  Food prepping takes away the anxiety of what to cook every day and gives you back quality time with your family.

  • Be Present

    Make time to be present in the moment and in particular with nature.  It’s amazing what a little walk can do for your mind, body and spirit.  Take note of the colors of the leaves, Look around, what do you see? Notice how the air feels on your face and body.

  • Meditation

    Five minutes of morning meditation, will give you focus and intention for the day.  Make your meditation time sacred time for you to sit with yourself and simply be. 

  • Take An Epsom Salt Bath 

    Epsom Salt is a magnesium sulfate.  Adequate magnesium levels are essential for sleep and stress management.  Magnesium may also help your body produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

  • Sleep

    Set a bedtime and stick to it.  Sleep is critical in protecting your mental and physical health.  Sleep is the time we replenish and restore, our entire being.

Things can get pretty hectic in life so, making time for yourself is critical. If you are intentional and you make it a part of your daily routine it is more likely to happen.  Remember, self-care isn’t SELFISH - it’s vital. How will you fill your cup today?